DGE Events in 2004
Landscaping Work Party
On Saturday, February 14th over 60 people helped plant over 5000 plants around the new DGE building. After a couple of postponements, the weather cooperated and gave us a nearly perfect day. Chris and Nona had made detailed plot maps of the area that showed where each species of native grass, shrub, or tree should be planted. The required number of each type in pots or flats had been delivered. Paul organized the heavy equipment needed to breakup the adobe soil and mix it with finer stuff. Rototillers and posthole diggers continued to be used throughout the day. Gloves, trowels, and spades were handed to volunteers as they arrived and were directed to the planting areas.
Naturally, sustenance was needed to keep energy levels up. This, too, was well organized with a Catering Van arriving at 11:30 to set up a Burrito assembly line outside the Seminar Room. Hungry workers passed by the tables, heaping their tortillas with warm beans, rice, cheese, and meat before topping them off with sour cream, guacamole, onions & salsa plus chips — very efficient and delicious. Although relaxing in the sunshine was tempting, everyone soon went back to planting while Paul saw that the lunch debris was sacked up.
Although, as Chris wrote to the volunteers on Monday: The area looks spectacular. There’s more to be done, and touch-up crews will be needed over the next several weekends. Hope to see you on site.
Organizers Chris & Nona
Plants arrived
Getting started
Planting continued on Saturday, Feb. 21.