Summaries of Recent Publications

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Modeling suggests fossil fuel emissions have been driving increased land carbon uptake since the turn of the 20th Century Summary coming soon
3 June 2020: Scientific Reports
Evaluation of simulated soil carbon dynamics in Arctic-Borealecosystems
7 February 2020: Environmental Research Letters
Synoptic Meteorology Explains TemperateForest Carbon Uptake
16 January 2020: Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences
The impact of improved satellite retrievals on estimates of biospheric carbon balance
8 January 2020: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Exploring temperature and precipitation impacts on harmful algal blooms across continental U.S. lakes
20 November 2019: Limnology and Oceanography
Fundamentals of data assimilation applied to biogeochemistry
19 November 2019: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Divergence in land surface modeling: linking spread to structure
21 October 2019: Environmental Research Communications
Widespread global increase in intense lake phytoplankton blooms since the 1980s
14 October 2019: Nature
Carbon and Water Use Efficiencies: A Comparative Analysis of Ten Terrestrial Ecosystem Models under Changing Climate
11 October 2019: Scientific Reports
Field-experiment constraints on the enhancement of the terrestrial carbon sink by CO2 fertilization
2 September 2019: Nature Geoscience
Comment on “Legacy nitrogen may prevent achievement of water quality goals in the Gulf of Mexico”
23 August 2019: Science
Enhanced North American carbon uptake associated with El Niño
5 June 2019: Science Advances
Quantification of CO2 and CH4 emissions over Sacramento, California, based on divergence theorem using aircraft measurements
29 May 2019: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
Vegetation Functional Properties Determine Uncertainty of Simulated Ecosystem Productivity: A Traceability Analysis in the East Asian Monsoon Region
12 May 2019: Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Long-Term Changes in Precipitation and Temperature Have Already Impacted Nitrogen Loading
12 April  2019: Environmental Science and Technology
Societal decisions about climate mitigation will have dramatic impacts on eutrophication in the 21st century
26 February 2019: Nature Communications
Land carbon models underestimate the severity and duration of drought’s impact on plant productivity
26 February 2019: Scientific Reports
China’s coal mine methane regulations have not curbed growing emissions
29 January 2019: Nature Communications
Enhanced peak growth of global vegetation and its key mechanisms
12 November 2018: Nature Ecology & Evolution
Characterizing the Spatial Scales of Extreme Daily Precipitation in the United States
24 August 2018: Journal of Climate
Forests dominate the interannual variability of the North American carbon sink
1 August 2018: Environmental Research Letters

Accelerating rates of Arctic carbon cycling revealed by long-term atmospheric CO2 measurements
11 July 2018: Science Advances
On the practical usefulness of least squares for assessing uncertainty in hydrologic and water quality predictions
21 May 2018: Environmental Modelling & Software
Characterizing biospheric carbon balance using CO2
16 May 2018: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Atmospheric CO2 observations reveal strong correlation between regional net biospheric carbon uptake and solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence
24 January 2018: Geophysical Research Letters
Widespread persistent changes to temperature extremes occurred earlier than predicted
17 January 2018: Scientific Reports
Long-term phosphorus loading and springtime temperatures explain interannual variability of hypoxia in a large temperate lake
4 January 2018: Environmental Science & Technology
Response of water use efficiency to global environmental change based on output from terrestrial biosphere models 
18 October 2017: Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Recent very hot summers in northern hemispheric land areas measured by wet bulb globe temperature will be the norm within 20 years 
17 October 2017: Earth's Future
Drought impacts on photosynthesis, isoprene emission and atmospheric formaldehyde in a mid-latitude forest
9 August 2017: Atmospheric Environment
Global patterns of drought recovery
9 August 2017: Nature
Eutrophication will increase during the 21st century as a result of precipitation changes
28 July 2017: Science
Elliptic cylinder airborne sampling and geostatistical mass balance approach for quantifying local greenhouse gas emissions
20 July 2017: Environmental Science & Technology
Reduced North American terrestrial primary productivity linked to anomalous Arctic warming
10 July 2017: Nature Geoscience
Uncertainty in the response of terrestrial carbon sink to environmental drivers undermines carbon-climate feedback predictions
6 July 2017: Scientific Reports
Diagnostic methods for atmospheric inversions of long-lived greenhouse gases
20 June 2017: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Global land carbon sink response to temperature and precipitation varies with ENSO phase
1 June 2017: Environmental Research Letters
Phytoplankton blooms in Lake Erie impacted by both long-term and springtime phosphorus loading 
12 May 2017: Journal of Great Lakes Research
Constraining sector-specific CO2 and CH4 emissions in the US 
24 March 2017: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Troubled waters on the Great Lakes
22 March 2017: Nature
Spatio-temporal approach to moving window block kriging of satellite data v1.0
15 February 2017: Geoscientific Model Development
Using Landsat to extend the historical record of lacustrine phytoplankton blooms: A Lake Erie case study
2 February 2017: Remote Sensing of Environment
Global inverse modeling of CH4 sources and sinks: an overview of methods
4 January 2017: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics