Internal Seminars

2012 - 2013 DGE Internal Seminar Schedule

    (All seminars are on Monday at 10:30 am and are held in the DGE main conference room)


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
OCT 1, 2012
Ivana Cvijanovic   Abrupt climate change and high to low latitude teleconnections
OCT 8 Shaun Levick Scientist, MPI-BGC Context-dependent controls on ecosystem structure, diversity and dynamics
OCT 15 Yuanyuan Fang Post-Doc, Michalak Lab, DGE how do changing transport and precipitation affect particulate matter air quality in a future climate ?
OCT 22 Ari Kornfeld Post-doc, Berry Lab, DGE Respiratory O2 fractionation in soils (and the Dole effect)
OCT 22 Joe Moscaro Post-doc, Asner Lab, DGE Why Ecology Needs the Novel Ecosystems Paradigm
OCT 29 Katie Ricke Post-doc, Caldeira Lab, DGE Solar Geoengineering: The Good, The Bad, And the ugly from a Physical Science Perspective
NOV 5 Kathi Bump
Hulya Aksoy
Turken Eke
Evana Lee
Naoia Williams
Jennifer Scerri
Faatuai Williams
Business Manager
Accounts Payable Manage
Accounts Payable Specialist
Financial Analyst
Accounts Payable Specialist
Purchaser & A/P clark
What Garnegie Admin Staff Do
NOV 26 Yoichi Saga Graduate Student, Michalak Lab  
NOV 26 Joe Berry Faculty, Berry Lab  
DEC 10 Jean-Baptiste Feret Post-Doc, Anser Lab Estimation of the biodiversity in tropical rainforest using CAO-AToMS spectroscopic imagery
DEC 10 Claire Baldeck Post-Doc, Anser Lab Remotely sensing the biodiversity of savannas
DEC 17 Nick Vaughn Post-Doc, Anser Lab (Hawaii) Long-term Effects of Fragmentation on Canopy Structure in a Hawaiian
Montane Forest
DEC 24 No seminar - DGE holidays
DEC 31 No seminar - DGE holidays
JAN 7, 2013 Kim Muller Science Technology Policy Institute STP^3 (aka Science Technology Policy, Politics, and Procedures) Lessons from Inside the Beltway
JAN 14 Jovan Tadic NASA - Ames CO2 and CH4 measurements at NASA Ames Research Center based on Alpha Jet platform: Satellite validation and urban outflow studies
JAN 21 No seminar - Martin Luther King's Birthday
JAN 28 Alison Marklein Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences, Stanford University The American Public's Views of Climate Change: An Update
MAR 12 Emmanuel Frossard


Global patterns of terrestrial nitrogen/phosphorus of mineralization
FEB 4 Winslow Briggs Faculty, DPB, Briggs Lab Fire in the Wildlands—Survival of the Cleverest Plants
FEB 11 Roy Mendelssohn NOAA Data content and transport standards for easy access to distributed satellite, oceanographic and other environmental data
MAY 27 No seminar - Presidents Day
FEB 25 Timothy Hllton University of New Mexico Upscaling North American eddy covariance net ecosystem exchange observations with a light-use efficiency model and geostatistics
MAR 18 Devaki Bhaya Faculty, DPB, Bhaya Lab Dissecting diversity in microbial populations
MAR 25 Ken Caldeira Faculty, DGE, Caldeira Lab  
MAR 25 Jana Maclaren Post-doc, DGE, Caldeira Lab Field trip to One tree Island
APR 8 Kathryn Barton Faculty, DPB, Barton Lab Of Blades and Branches: Toward an Understanding of Environment and Genetics in the Control of Shoot Growth
APR 15 Egbert Leigh the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) Historical Biogeography of Terrestrial Latin America
APR 22 Ted Raab Senior Investigator, DPB Iron - Cold Iron is Master of them All: Anaerobic processes in Arctic tundra
APR 29 Katharine Mach Co-Director, Science, IPCC WGII IPCC WG II Progress and Findings: How has TE contributed and how could it contribute to the next round?
MAY 6 TBD    
May 13 Martin Jonikas Faculty, DPB, Barton Lab

Genome-wide mutagenesis and phenotyping tools
to transform our understanding of photosynthesis

MAY 27 No seminar - Memorial Day