Seminar: David R. Thompson

Monday, June 24, 2019 - 12:00pm

David R. Thompson

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Imaging Spectroscopy for Earth and Planetary Science: Investigations, Future Missions, and Analysis Methods

Anticipated orbital imaging spectrometers promise a revolution in our understanding of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. These include the NASA EMIT Mission, to be launched in 2021 to the ISS, and a global Surface Biology and Geology investigation designated by the Earth Science Decadal Survey. The instruments have a long history of airborne deployments for mapping terrestrial and coastal aquatic ecosystems, geology, and atmospheric properties, and are also critical tools for exploring other planetary bodies. However, consistent global maps of Earth’s surface pose special algorithmic challenges, thanks to challenging tropical atmospheric conditions and diverse surface environments. This talk will describe historical and current instruments, software, and public datasets. We highlight an Optimal Estimation (OE) statistical inversion methodology from recent work which demonstrates closed uncertainty accounting and accurate retrieval of surface and atmospheric parameters across tropical, subtropical, and mid-latitude environments. 

About the speaker: Dr. David R. Thompson is a researcher and Technical Group Lead in the Imaging Spectroscopy group at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  He is Science Lead for NASA’s EMIT mission, and Investigation Scientist for the AVIRIS imaging spectrometers.  He is recipient of the NASA Early Career Achievement Medal and the JPL Lew Allen Award.


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