Seminar: Jeff Dukes

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 12:00pm

Jeff Dukes

Director, Purdue Climate Change Research Center, Purdue University

Improving projections of ecosystem functioning through fieldwork, modeling, and teamwork

As we increasingly alter our environment, it becomes increasingly important to understand the consequences of our actions for the functioning of ecosystems. This talk will cover three distinct lines of research: fieldwork to better link plant physiological processes to climate, analysis of remotely sensed data to understand implications of land cover change in the tropics, and team science using existing datasets to examine threats and impacts associated with invasive plant species. I will also discuss how environmental changes provide new opportunities to conduct basic science with policy- or management-relevant outcomes, and to reach out to new audiences.

Jeff Dukes directs the Purdue Climate Change Research Center and is a professor in Purdue’s Departments of Forestry & Natural Resources and Biological Sciences.  He holds the Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability in the College of Agriculture.  Dr. Dukes’s research examines how plants and ecosystems respond to a changing environment, focusing on topics from invasive species to climate change.  Much of his experimental work seeks to inform and improve climate models.  Dr. Dukes received a Ph.D from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree from Brown University, both in Biological Sciences.  He has been elected a Fellow and named a Public Engagement Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and he is a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.  As the director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, he has led the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment. 

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