Seminar: Dennis Baldocchi

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 12:00pm

Dennis Baldocchi

Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Lessons Learned about the Breathing of the Biosphere, from a Californian Network of Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurement Towers



California's natural and managed ecosystems are ideal settings for studying how ecosystem metabolism is responding to variations in water, temperature, and CO2. In this talk, we report on lessons gleaned from a set of semi-arid, irrigated, and flooded long-term carbon, water, and energy flux sites. Results can help us better understand how effective natural climate solutions may or may not be. At present we are seeing no trends in evaporation, oak savanna water, and carbon fluxes are buffered by access to groundwater, restoring wetlands prove to be robust and strong carbon sinks, but at the cost of producing methane and we find strong links with upscaling carbon fluxes using information from reflected NIRv.

Dennis Baldocchi is a Professor of Biometeorology at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on measuring and modeling carbon, water, and methane exchange between ecosystems and the atmosphere. He is a former PI of the global FLUXNET project that upscales fluxes globally. Baldocchi is a highly cited scientist and a fellow of the American Geophysical Union and American Meteorological Societies.

Lunch reception to follow in the Global Ecology Lobby. If you wish to attend this seminar virtually, please contact La Chelle Eddines at for Zoom details. 

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