Seminar: Sarah Meyer Tapia

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - 12:00pm

Sarah Meyer Tapia

Head of Wellness Education at Stanford University

Mindset and Positive Psychology

How can you keep a clear, cool head while under stress? We know from experience and cutting-edge research that trying to push stress away is a downright waste of energy. But we keep hearing how bad it is for us! Stress is not going to disappear; however, we can learn to use it for good. In this workshop, we will learn to recognize stress for what it is. Then we will better understand the physical and psychological impact of meeting stress with more stress vs with a calm, clear presence. We will learn and practice ways to shift our mindsets and activate the enhancing aspects of stress. We’ll discuss the science of gratitude and learn practical, authentic ways to live a fulfilling life.

Sarah Meyer Tapia is Head of Wellness Education at Stanford University and runs her own company teaching and coaching individuals around stress, self-compassion, meaningful behavior change, and personal development. She holds a master's degree in counseling and health psychology and is a current Ph.D. student in psychology. Meyer Tapia believes that for anything to work, it must fit in with real life, and aims to create safe spaces for honest conversation and tangible next steps toward what people truly desire. Learn more at

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