Caldeira Lab

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Bill Hayes

Bill creates programs to analyze data from climate models for Ken Caldeira and others in his lab.
After receiving his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Cincinnati in his home town he did his first professional work developing hardware and software for a Pediatric Cardiology research lab at Duke University. After working for many small companies in California he became a Systems Engineer at Siemens Oncology in Concord before joining Carnegie
He currently resides in Las Vegas tutoring Python online in his spare time.

Danny Cullenward

Danny Cullenward is an energy economist and lawyer working on the design and implementation of scientifically grounded climate policy. He is the Policy Director at Near Zero and a Research Associate with the Carnegie Institution for Science; he also teaches courses on energy and climate law at Stanford Law School.

Ken Caldeira

Ken Caldeira is a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, where his job is “to make important scientific discoveries.” He also serves as a Professor (by courtesy) in the Stanford University Department of Earth System Science.

Leslie Willoughby

Leslie's first love was a horned toad that lived in her backyard in Albuquerque. It disappeared over winter, emerged in spring, and showed her that nature changes over time. Throughout childhood, she yearned to share that lizard's world with others.

Geeta Persad

Geeta G. Persad is a Research Associate in the Caldeira Lab at the Carnegie Institution for Science's Department of Global Ecology, where she studies the impacts of short-lived climate pollutants on regional and global climate using numerical models. She serves as acting Principle Investigator on Carnegie's multi-year National Science Foundation-funded collaboration with the University of California San Diego and Stanford University to assess the coupled climate and institutional dynamics of short-lived local pollutants and long-lived global greenhouse gases.


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