Environmental science of climate, carbon, and energy


    Ken Caldeira
    Department of Global Ecology
    Carnegie Institution for Science
    260 Panama St.
    Stanford, CA 94305
    (650) 704-7212


PUBLICATIONS (click for full publication list)

Cloud response and feedback processes in stratiform mixed-phase clouds perturbed by ship exhaust.
Feb 2017: Geophysical Research Letters
Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program.
Aug 2016: Environmental Research Letters

A model based investigation of the relative importance of CO2-fertilization, climate warming, nitrogen deposition and land use change on the global terrestrial carbon uptake in the historical period.
Sep 2015: Climate Dynamics

Why must a solar forcing be larger than a CO2 forcing to cause the same global mean surface temperature change?
Apr 2016: Environmental Research Letters

Nighttime dissolution in a temperate coastal ocean ecosystem increases under acidification
Mar 2016: Scientific Reports
Simulated long-term climate response to idealized solar geoengineering
Mar 2016: Geophysical Research Letters
Reversal of ocean acidification enhances net coral reef calcification
Feb 2016: Nature
Policy thresholds in mitigation
Dec 2015: Nature Geoscience
Stop Emissions! A climate scientist argues that it should no longer be acceptable to dump carbon dioxide in the sky
Nov 2015: MIT Technology Review
Climate benefits of natural gas as a bridge fuel and potential delay of near-zero energy systems
Nov 2015: Applied Energy
Combustion of available fossil fuel resources sufficient to eliminate the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Sept 2015: Science Advances
Impacts of global warming on residential heating and cooling degree-days in the United States
August 2015: Scientific Reports

Long-term response of oceans to CO2 removal from the atmosphere
August 2015: Nature Climate Change

Six month in situ high-resolution carbonate chemistry and temperature study on a coral reef flat reveals asynchronous pH and temperature anomalies
Jun 2015: PLOS ONE
Time scales and ratios of climate forcing due to thermal versus carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels
Jun 2015: Geophysical Research Letters

Coral reef metabolism and carbon chemistry dynamics of a coral reef flat
May 2015: Geophysical Research Letters

Impacts of ocean albedo alteration on Arctic sea ice restoration and Northern Hemisphere climate
April 2015: Environmental Research Letters

Atmospheric consequences of disruption of the ocean thermocline
Mar 2015: Environmental Research Letters
Atmospheric Impacts of Sea Ice Decline In CO2 Induced Global Warming
Feb 2015: Climate Dynamics


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