Caldeira Lab Research:Energy, Global Carbon Cycle, and Climate

Solar variability and anthropogenic climate change (reply)

M. Hoffert, K. Caldeira, C. Covey, P.B. Duffy & B. Santer

A reply to an article suggesting that recent climate change and rises in atmospheric CO2 concentration can be explained by solar variability rather than human intervention.

Hoffert, M.I, Caldeira, K., Covey, C., Duffy, P.B., and Santer, B., Solar variability and anthropogenic climate change (reply), Nature 401, 764–764, 1999.


Lockwood et al. recently presented some intriguing new evidence of solar variability, but Parker’s accompanying News and Views article gave an exaggerated and misleading picture of the potential effects on terrestrial climate. This picture is at variance with both the evidence and a public statement by Lockwood himself.