Circular lineage - Caldeira/Cao/Duan

Long Cao, Lei Duan and Ken Caldeira at Duan's defense

Lei Duan will become the first postdoc in the Ken Caldeira lab who studied under a former postdoc in that lab. Duan successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, “A Modeling Study of the Climate Response to Geoengineering,” in May 2019. He studied under Long Cao in the school of earth sciences at Zhejiang University in HangZhou, China. Caldeira attended the defense as a member of Duan’s dissertation committee.

Cao, Govindasamy Bala and Caldeira wrote “Climate response to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide and solar irradiance on the time scale of days to weeks,” published in 2012 in Environmental Research Letters. In 2014, The World Meteorological Organization presented the Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award for the paper. The Caldeira lab and department of global ecology look forward to further collaboration with Cao and Duan.