2008 - 2009 Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
DGE conference room
Sharad Lélé Senior Fellow / Coordinator, CISED, Institute for Social & Economic Change, Bangalore Forest Cover Change, Hydrological Services and Economic Impact: Findings from the Western Ghats, India
OCT 15
Aradhna Tripati Junior Research Fellow / NERC postdoc,
Univ. of Cambridge, Dept of Earth Sciences
Using the geologic record to probe climate-carbon cycle interactions
DEC 10 Pier Luigi Vidale Senior Scientist, NCAS Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling, University of Reading Modeling CO2 –H2O connections in Numerical weather forecasting and climate models
MAR 10
DGE conference room
Peter Kareiva Chief Scientist and Director of Science
The Nature Conservancy
When buying land is not enough – can science rescue the world’s largest private holder of nature preserves
Eric Lamblin Department of Geography, University of Louvain, Belgium From net deforestation to net reforestation in the tropics: pathways and impacts
APR 14
Jan Hamrin HMW International & the Center for Resource Solutions Real World Issues with Making Alternative Energy a Reality
APR 28 Ben Halpern University of California at Santa Barbara, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis The whole is greater than the sum of the parts: mapping human impacts on the oceans
MAY 19 Linda Mearns Director, ISSE and IMAGe, NCAR The importance/unimportance of high resolution information on future regional climate for preparing for climate change
MAY 26 Angelika Hilbeck a senior scientist, Institute of Integrative Biology of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), and an adjunct faculty, Genoek Center for Biosafety at University Tromsö, Norway The IAASTD - Recognizing the Importance of Multifunctionality of Agriculture for Food Security
JUN 2 Steve RunningDirector, Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group Dept. of Ecosystem Sciences, Univ. of Montana Is carbon cycle science ready for carbon offset trading?

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