2012 - 2013 Seminar Schedule

    (All seminars are on Tuesday at 3:30 pm and are held in theTuring Auditorium, unless otherwise noted)


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Dan Nepstad International Program Director, IPAM (Amazon Environmental Research Institute) Managing the Global Land Crisis: Roundtables, REDD, and Beyond
OCT 30 Paul Fine UC Berkeley Insect herbivores, chemical defenses and the diversification of Amazonian trees
NOV 13 Douglas Bird Senior Research Scientist, Department of Anthoropology, Stanford University Aboriginal Australians as trophic regulators: fire, hunting, and small mammal extinctions in the Western Desert of Australia.
NOV 27 William Ingram University of Oxford and UK Met Office Hadley Centre Perturbed-physics ensembles with atmospheric general circulation models
DEC 11 Granger Morgan Carnegie Mellon Why I stopped doing Climate Integrated Assessment…why you should too… and some thoughts on what we might better be doing instead
DEC 18 John Terborgh Research Professor Emeritus and Director, Center for Tropical Conservation, Duke University Enemies Maintain the Diversity of Tropical Tree Communities
JAN 8 Ken Caldeira Faculty, Department of Glonal Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science Using global climate models to evaluate environmental problems and potential solutions
JAN 29 Christian Frankenberg Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology Retrievals of greenhouse gases and chlorophyll fluorescence from space using high resolution near-infrared spectroscopy.
FEB 5 Jon Krosnick Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences, Stanford University The American Public's Views of Climate Change: An Update
MAR 12 Emmanuel Frossard

Professor, Plant Nutrition, Institute of Plant Sciences and Dept of Agricultural, and Food Sciences of the ETH, Zurich

Integrated Nutrient Management in Agroecosystems
MAR 19 Clara Deser Senior Scientist, Climate Analysis Section, Climate and Glonal Dynamics, National Climate for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Climate Projections over North America in the Coming Decades: Uncertainty due to Natural Variability
APR 16 Yi Ming Physical Scientist, NOAA/GFDL Princeton University A Top-down Framework for Understanding Regional Climate Change
APR 30 Kelly Sims Gallagher Associate Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy, Fletcher School, Tufts University China Carbon Policy and Emissions


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