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Bill Anderegg

Title: Graduate Student
Lab: Field
Phone: 970-739-4954
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Research Summary

My research focuses around two central concepts:

1) What is the future of forests in the western United States? Massive mortality events of many tree species in the last decade prompt concerns that drought, insects, and wildfire may devastate western forests in the coming decades. I study how climate change directly affects trembling aspen trees in Colorado and what the future is of these trees.

2) How do we communicate climate science to the public and policy-makers? Communicating expert consensus and scientific understanding, even with inherent uncertainties, is critical to fostering social and political action on climate change. Recently, Ive explored the dynamics of expert agreement and dissenting opinions in communicating the state of climate science.

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Anderegg, W.R.L. The Ivory Lighthouse: Communicating climate change effectively. Climatic Change. (2010) 101:655662

Anderegg, W.R.L. Moving Beyond Scientific Agreement. Climatic Change. (2010) 101:3313377