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Chun Ma

Title: Visiting Investigator
Lab: Caldeira
curriculum vitae

Research Summary

My main research interest is to find multidisciplinary solutions to ecological and environmental problems. I have been researching the coastal and marine management, wetland conservation and restoration, energy consumption analysis and ecological footprint analysis for sustainable development, and environment impact assessment. In my recent work, I have analyzed trade-off between economic development and marine conservation, and conducted researches on natural resource sustainable management. I focused on the use of science in environmental and marine policy development, and engaged in environment science, biology, marine science, quantitative ecology, policy, social sciences, and economics related fields. In the future, my research will focus on interactions between species, habitats, ecosystems and climate change, and policy analysis for sustainable development such as energy consumption and carbon footprint analysis. My research is aimed at improving our understanding of climate change and environmental conservation, and trying to find some potential solutions.



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