DGE Researcher Profile

Joe Mascaro

Title: Postdoctoral Associate
Lab: Asner
Phone: 650-462-1047 ext. 217
curriculum vitae

Research Summary

I am an ecologist, with a key role in the Carnegie Airborne Observatory at the Carnegie Institution for Science. Our mission is to study ecosystems at large geographic scales, and within this collaborative effort lead by Greg Asner, my area of focus is tropical forest carbon dynamics. In concert with a dynamic team, I develop and utilize LiDAR (i.e., laser-ranging) remote sensing methods to improve our understanding of tropical forest carbon stocks and emissions that cause climate change, but also the basic ecology of forest structure. My dissertation work at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee focused on the biogeochemistry of new forest communities, a topic I return to as a contributor to a forthcoming book on Novel Ecosystems (Wiley, March 2013, Eds: R. Hobbs, E. Higgs, C. Hall). I am also active in science writing outside of peer-reviewed journals, including the op-ed page of the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times.



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Hope in the Age of ManMarris et al. New York Times op-ed, 2011
Following Newt to the MoonThe Space Review op-ed, 2012
Fly me to HD 10180gLos Angeles Times op-ed, 2010
Novel Ecosystems in 2013...Contributions to a Novel Ecosystems book edited by R. Hobbs, E. Higgs, and C. Hall (Wiley)