DGE Researcher Profile

Kenny Schneider

Title: Post-doc
Lab: Caldeira
Phone: 650-223-6932
curriculum vitae

Research Summary

Research interests
* Biomineralization mechanisms in marine animals
* Coral reef biogeochemistry
* Bioerosion in the coral reef environment
* Ocean acidification
* Ocean sustainability
* Marine conservation



Schneider, K., J. Silverman, B. Kravitz, T. Rivlin, A. Schneider-Mor, S. Barbosa, M. Byrne, and K. Caldeira. Inorganic carbon turnover caused by digestion of carbonate sands and metabolic activity of holothurians. (Accepted in Estuarine, Coastal and Self Science)

Ricke, K.L., Orr, J.C., Schneider, K., Caldeira, K. (2013), Risks to coral reefs from ocean carbonate chemistry changes in recent earth system model projections. Environmental Research Letters 8, 034003. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/3/034003


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