DGE Researcher Profile

Katharine (Kate) Ricke

Title: Fellow
Lab: Caldeira
Phone: 612-382-8145
curriculum vitae

Research Summary

Ph.D, Carnegie Mellon University, Engineering & Public Policy, 2011

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Science, 2004

Research Interests: Climate Modeling; Climate, Energy and Environmental Policy; Regional Climate Change & Inequity; Modeling international relations and economics of climate change (esp, agent-based and game theoretic); Climate Engineering/Geoengineering; Ocean Acidification & Coral Reefs



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Ricke, K.L. and K. Caldeira. Maximum warming occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission Environmental Research Letters 9 124002 (Press)


Ricke, K.L., J.B. Moreno-Cruz and K. Caldeira. Strategic incentives for climate geoengineering coalitions to exclude broad participation. Environmental Research Letters 8 014021

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Caldeira, K. and K.L Ricke. 2013. Prudence on solar climate engineering. Nature Climate Change 3 941-941.


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