DGE Researcher Profile

Lester Kwiatkowski

Title: Postdoctoral Researcher
Lab: Caldeira
curriculum vitae

Research Summary

Research Interests: Climate Modeling; Ocean Biogeochemical Modelling and Fieldwork; Climate Engineering/Geoengineering; Climate Impacts on Marine Organisms (esp. Coral Reefs)



Kwaitkowski L, Ricke K, Caldeira K, (2015) Atmospheric consequences of disruption of the ocean thermocline. Environmental Research Letters, 10, 034016.

Kwiatkowski L, Cox PM, Halloran PR, et al, (2015) Coral bleaching under novel scenarios of warming and ocean acidification, Nature Climate Change, 5, pp777–781. (Press)


Kwiatkowski, L., Yool, A., Allen, J. I., Anderson, T. R., Barciela, R., Buitenhuis, E. T., Butenschön, M., Enright, C., Halloran, P. R., Le Quéré, C., de Mora, L., Racault, M.-F., Sinha, B., Totterdell, I. J., and Cox, P. M. (2014) iMarNet: an ocean biogeochemistry model inter-comparison project within a common physical ocean modelling framework, Biogeosciences Discuss., 11, 10537-10569, doi:10.5194/bgd-11-10537-2014.


Kwiatkowski L, Halloran PR, Mumby PJ, Stephenson DB, (2013) What spatial scales are believable for climate model projections of sea surface temperature? Climate Dynamics doi:10.1007/s00382-013-1967-6

Kwiatkowski L, Cox PM, Economou T, Halloran PR, Mumby PJ, Booth BBB, Carilli J, Guzman HM (2013) Caribbean coral growth influenced by anthropogenic aerosols. Nature Geoscience 6, pp362-366. (Press)


Oxley T, Elshkaki A, Kwiatkowski L, Castillo A, Scarbrough T, ApSimon H (2012) Pollution abatement from road transport: cross-sectoral implications, climate co-benefits and behavioural change, Environmental Science & Policy, 19-20, pp16-32