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Yixuan Zheng

Yixuan is a postdoctoral research fellow at Ken Caldeira’s lab focusing on energy-related issues, including clean energy transition,  energy-induced air pollution and climate change. His previous works analyzed drivers of China’s aerosol pollution. These studies indicated, for him, the role of energy transition in resolving energy-related pollutions, and further motivated his work at Carnegie.

David Farnham

David Farnham is an environmental engineer and hydroclimatologist interested in how climate affects our engineered water and energy systems. David’s work can broadly be described as the development of statistical models to estimate and/or predict climate risks at time scales ranging from daily to seasonal to multi-decadal.

Lei Duan

Lei Duan's research topic is about modeling the climate response to external forcing, especially the global scale geoengineering schemes during his PhD. At Carnegie, he will continue working on climate simulations and also helping with the energy modeling work in Ken Caldeira's group. He had a wonderful experience when he was here previously, and feels happy to come back and work with everyone in Carnegie. 

Michael Mastrandrea

Michael Mastrandrea is the Director of Near Zero, which provides credible, impartial, and actionable climate and energy research and policy analysis. Previously, he helped lead development of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, a global assessment of climate change science and policy options. His work has focused on strategies for reducing climate risks and integrating expert knowledge and quantitative analysis to inform public and private decisions from global to local scales.

Lee Anderegg

Leander studies the biogeographic, demographic and biogeochemical implications of tree responses to climate change. He combines methods from community ecology, dendrochronology, plant ecophysiology, and stable isotope biogeochemistry to understand the sensitivity of forests in the western U.S.A. and Australia to various global change drivers.

Yelu Zeng

Since July 2017, I have been as a postdoctoral research fellow in Joe Berry lab working on the radiative transfer of solar induced fluorescence from leaf to canopy scale. My research mainly focuses on the 3D radiative transfer modeling in canopies of natural and agricultural ecosystems. I'm also interested in the extraction of vegetation biophysical parameters (e.g., leaf area index ), the validation of remotely sensed LAI products, spatial sampling for up-scaling over heterogeneous land surfaces, and vegetation phenology.

Mary Whelan

The goal of my work is to use innovative tools to quantify important fluxes in the carbon cycle that we cannot measure directly. To do this, I combine soil science, atmospheric chemistry, and a little bit of plant physiology. My most promising tracer at the moment is a gas called carbonyl sulfide. It looks very similar to carbon dioxide and can interact with the same enzymes in plant leaves. By understanding the exchange of carbonyl sulfide with components of ecosystems (e.g.


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