Press releases

Greenhouse Gas “Bookkeeping” Turned on Its Head

Washington, D.C.—For the first time scientists have looked at the net balance of the three major greenhouse gases—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide—for every region of Earth’s landmasses.

Ocean acidification already slowing coral reef growth

Washington, DC— A team of scientists led by Carnegie’s Rebecca Albright and Ken Caldeira performed the first-ever experiment that manipulated seawater chemistry in a natural coral reef community in order to determine the effect that excess carbon dioxide

Medium: The CAO and the "sensor revolution"

Planet Labs contributes an essay to Medium about Greg Asner and the Carnegie Airborne Observatory using LiDAR and satellite imagery to map the California drought, calls the CAO "a fire-fighter of a different kind."

CBS Evening News: Nearly 1 billion trees threatened by California drought

CBS Evening News covers Greg Asner and the Carnegie Airborne Observatory team's work on the impact the drought has had on California's forests. The team found that 888 million trees have seen measurable water loss, and predicts that 58 million are on the brink of death.