DGE Collaborators

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Kelsey Foster

Kelsey is a first year PhD student in the Department of Earth System Science at Stanford. She is broadly interested in the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on different components of the Earth system. More specifically, she is interested in studying biospheric carbon flux variability and anthropogenic methane emissions. Her prior research focused on quantifying anthropogenic methane emissions in California, with a focus on emissions from oil refineries.

Bingwen Qiu

Bingwen Qiu's research interests focus on remote sensing time series methods for agricultural crops mapping. She has developed semi-automatic/automatic mapping methods for exploring spatiotemporal dynamics of paddy rice, winter wheat and maize in China during the past few decades. Future work will focus on the multi-dimensional characterization of croplands, the quantity, quality, cropping intensity, agricultural structures, crop planting as well as the management activities such as greenhouse and irrigation.

Sergio Redondo

Sergio Redondo's work aims to characterize the movement of mercury (Hg) through terrestrial ecosystems as well as discern the negative effects of this toxicant at the cellular, individual, and population-level in bats. Redondo's career path leads toward a research and teaching position. He looks forward to actively participating in shifting institutions toward equitable practices and becoming a role model for under-represented students. 

Grayson Badgley

I am plant physiologist studying photosynthesis at the global scale. Plants provide vital services to humanity, from stunning landscapes to the food we eat. My research focuses on how plants allocate limited resources and what these decisions tell us about plant function. I make regular use of data collected by satellite and simple mathematical models.


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