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Suchana Costa

Suchana Costa is a fifth year PhD candidate working with Dr. Chris Field in the Biology Department at Stanford. Her research focus is differential herbivory on nitrogen-fixing plants across various systems. Her work integrates field experiments, software design, and meta-analyses to rigorously look at this classic ecological dynamic. Suchana grew up in Bangladesh and DC, and holds an A.B. from Princeton University, where she researched similar questions in the tropical rainforests of Panama.

Kelsey Foster

Kelsey is a first year PhD student in the Department of Earth System Science at Stanford. She is broadly interested in the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on different components of the Earth system. More specifically, she is interested in studying biospheric carbon flux variability and anthropogenic methane emissions. Her prior research focused on quantifying anthropogenic methane emissions in California, with a focus on emissions from oil refineries.

Candise Henry

Candise Henry is a researcher with a background in geology and geomorphology. Her previous work has examined the influence of externally- versus internally-driven geological processes on sediment deposition and basin architecture at passive margins for use in oil and gas exploration. She also has an interest in energy systems, and has published research looking at the impacts of climate change on thermoelectric power production in the U.S. She will join the Caldeira Lab at the Carnegie Institution in January of 2019 to research efforts towards near-zero emissions energy systems.

Yixuan Zheng

Yixuan is a postdoctoral research fellow at Ken Caldeira’s lab. He is studying the climate change associated with anthropogenic activities with a focus on the impacts of anthropogenic aerosol emissions on the global climate system. His previous works analyzed drivers of China’s aerosol pollution. These studies indicated, for him, the impacts of anthropogenic activities on regional and global environmental issues, and further motivated his work at Carnegie.

Sergio Redondo

Sergio Redondo's work aims to characterize the movement of mercury (Hg) through terrestrial ecosystems as well as discern the negative effects of this toxicant at the cellular, individual, and population-level in bats. Redondo's career path leads toward a research and teaching position. He looks forward to actively participating in shifting institutions toward equitable practices and becoming a role model for under-represented students. 

Michael Mastrandrea

Michael Mastrandrea is the Director of Near Zero, which provides credible, impartial, and actionable climate and energy research and policy analysis. Previously, he helped lead development of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, a global assessment of climate change science and policy options. His work has focused on strategies for reducing climate risks and integrating expert knowledge and quantitative analysis to inform public and private decisions from global to local scales.


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