DGE Visiting Investigators

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Bingwen Qiu

Bingwen Qiu's research interests focus on remote sensing time series methods for agricultural crops mapping. She has developed semi-automatic/automatic mapping methods for exploring spatiotemporal dynamics of paddy rice, winter wheat and maize in China during the past few decades. Future work will focus on the multi-dimensional characterization of croplands, the quantity, quality, cropping intensity, agricultural structures, crop planting as well as the management activities such as greenhouse and irrigation.

David Knapp

Dave's interests are in the development of algorithms for processing digital imagery and extracting data from hyperspectral imagery. He supports lab technicians and post-docs on image processing and remote sensing techniques to support scientific investigations.

He develops map products of land cover, land use change, and coral using imagery collected from satellite and aircraft sensors.

Specialties: Programming, Image Processing, Remote Sensing

Nina Randazzo

Nina is a Stanford PhD candidate who researches carbon dioxide exchange between the atmosphere and terrestrial biosphere. She is particularly interested in how climatological and meteorological systems influence biospheric carbon balance.

Lee Anderegg

Leander studies the biogeographic, demographic and biogeochemical implications of tree responses to climate change. He combines methods from community ecology, dendrochronology, plant ecophysiology, and stable isotope biogeochemistry to understand the sensitivity of forests in the western U.S.A. and Australia to various global change drivers.

Philip Brodrick

Phil Brodrick is a systems modeler who uses computational optimization and statistical learning to explore interactions within earth and energy systems. His research questions span a wide range of issues centered on the mitigation of global change, including the impact of natural and anthropogenic hazards on terrestrial carbon sinks, the distribution and influence of invasive species within ecosystems, the effective design of low-carbon power plants, and the widespread adoption of energy efficiency measures.

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