DPB-DGE Information Systems

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Garret W. Huntress

Garret has been with Carnegie for nearly two decades.  Starting out as just an IT intern in 1999 at Carnegie's Geophysical Laboratory, Garret has taken on an ever expanding role in IT at Carnegie.  In 2005, he became the Systems Administrator/Systems Developer for the Geophysical laboratory, building up GL's computing infrastructure while providing end-user support services.  From 2007-2011, Garret participated in the Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition, providing computing infrastructure, sample curation, and instrument support services to the field expedition in the high arctic.  In 20

Maria Lopez

Maria graduated from UCSC in Spring 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Systems. She started working for DPB/DGE IT in December of 2016 and loves being able to support and enable science while honing her engineering and IT skills. 

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