Edgar Virguez

Edgar Virguez is an energy systems engineer promoting the transition toward decarbonized electric power systems. Understanding the collective effort required to achieve a rapid and cost-efficient energy transition, he pursues multidisciplinary inquiry-based research. He integrates methods from operations research and geospatial analysis, focusing on identifying pathways toward providing accessible, affordable, clean, and reliable electricity.

Tyler Ruggles

I am a scientist studying low carbon energy transitions. How do we create a low carbon energy system? What could that system look like? What technological breakthroughs are necessary? These are some of the questions which motivate my research.

My current work focuses on studying the interannual variability of renewable energy resources and potential consequences for a highly-renewable grid. I also model the conversion of electric power to liquid fuels or hydrogen to study the benefits these technologies can bring to the grid including increased flexibility.

Enrico Antonini

Enrico is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist for the Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University. His research aims to understand the physics of wind power extraction for regional-scale wind farms. Enrico is investigating the efficiency of large wind farms and which physical parameters control their power extraction.

Clare Tuma

Clare has over 15 years of solid work experience in both Human Resources and Finance. She graduated in History & Government from Cornell University, has an MBA degree in Finance and Accounting from NYU, and has her SPHR and SHRM-SCP certificates. Though she began her career in the field of Finance, she had the opportunity to explore the area of Human Resources about 15 years ago while working at the startup, She started as Director of Finance, but she quickly took over all the HR responsibilities as well.

Yixuan Zheng

Yixuan is a postdoctoral research fellow at Ken Caldeira’s lab. He is studying the climate change associated with anthropogenic activities with a focus on the impacts of anthropogenic aerosol emissions on the global climate system. His previous works analyzed drivers of China’s aerosol pollution. These studies indicated, for him, the impacts of anthropogenic activities on regional and global environmental issues, and further motivated his work at Carnegie.

Jackie Dowling

Jacqueline A. Dowling (Jackie) is a Chemistry PhD student in Nate Lewis's research group at Caltech. She has a subject minor in Environmental Science and Engineering. Jackie is collaborating with Ken Caldeira at Carnegie on the Simple Energy Modeling project.

Overcoming the challenge of wind and solar intermittency remains one of society’s most important obstacles for transitioning to a net zero carbon emissions energy system. Energy storage technology is thus crucial for smoothing the intermittency of renewable energy resources.

David Farnham

David Farnham is an environmental engineer and hydroclimatologist interested in how climate affects our engineered water and energy systems. David’s work can broadly be described as the development of statistical models to estimate and/or predict climate risks at time scales ranging from daily to seasonal to multi-decadal.


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