Lei Duan

Lei Duan's research topic is about modeling the climate response to external forcing, especially the global scale geoengineering schemes during his PhD. At Carnegie, he will continue working on climate simulations and also helping with the energy modeling work in Ken Caldeira's group. He had a wonderful experience when he was here previously, and feels happy to come back and work with everyone in Carnegie. 

Anna Michalak

Dr. Anna M. Michalak is the Director of the Department of Global Ecology of the Carnegie Institution for Science and a Professor in the Department of Earth System Science at Stanford University. Prior to joining Carnegie, she was the Frank and Brooke Transue Faculty Scholar and Associate Professor at the University of Michigan. She holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University, and a B.Sc.(Eng.) in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph, Canada.

Michael Mastrandrea

Michael Mastrandrea is the Director of Near Zero, which provides credible, impartial, and actionable climate and energy research and policy analysis. Previously, he helped lead development of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, a global assessment of climate change science and policy options. His work has focused on strategies for reducing climate risks and integrating expert knowledge and quantitative analysis to inform public and private decisions from global to local scales.

Mengyao Yuan

Mengyao Yuan is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist working with Dr. Ken Caldeira at the Carnegie Institution for Science. She models and analyzes near-zero-emission energy systems for transition to a reliable, equitable, and sustainable energy future. In her previous work, she investigated carbon capture and other low-emissions technologies using both experimental and computational methods. She is broadly interested in energy systems modeling, carbon capture and storage, energy and environmental policy, and energy and sustainable development.

Clara Garcia-Sanchez

Clara is an aerospace engineer interested in exploring different fluid dynamic related problems. Her past experience in urban flows motivated her present work at Carnegie, mainly focused on exploring large wind farms effects on land. Some of the objectives of her present research are to quantify wind farm effects on the surrounding winds and the power extraction scalability. She is very interested in renewable energies, as well as mitigation techniques that can allow to prevent and reduce pollution in urban environments.


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